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hiccapop PlayPod Portable Playpen Canopy [Dome Shade Only] | Reflective Dome with 3 Side Panels Provides Full Sun…

COMPLETE PROTECTION FROM DANGEROUS SUNLIGHT | Designed with REFLECTIVE FABRIC THROUGHOUT, the PlayPod dome reflects sunlight to keep out dangerous UV rays from reaching your little ones as they play. Prevents buildup of excessive heat which can be dangerous to your baby. Exclusive to the hiccapop PlayPod are 3 ADDITIONAL PANELS THAT ROLL DOWN to cover half of your PlayPod to block sun rays coming in from at an angle as the sun moves. Simply rotate the PlayPod side with panels towards the sun. HASSLE-FREE SETUP | Utilizing high-tech fiberglass tubing and a quick-release fabric design, there is no simpler installation on the market today. DESIGNED FOR THE 69" PLAYPOD ONLY. WIND-PROOF SAFETY LOCKS PREVENT DOME FROM BLOWING AWAY | Equipped with heavy duty safety locks, our dome securely fastens to the playpen frame so you won’t ever have to chase it down the beach.